On Feburary 18th at 2pm at the Elks Lodge in Savoy Central Illinois Charitable Games is having a $1,000 Freeroll tournament.  The cost is 100% free to the players at the event.  You do have to give up your email, but that is a small prize to pay.  Payouts will be part cash and part free tournament seats to the Feburary 18th event or future Central Illinois Charitable Games events.

Registration will close for the FREEROLL Tournament after the first break, and re-entries are allowed!

FREEROLL Payouts: 

  1. $200 Cash $100 Tournament Voucher

  2. $100 Cash $100 Tournament Voucher

  3. $80 Cash $100 Tournament Voucher

  4. $50 Cash $100 Tournament Voucher

  5. $40 Cash  $50 Tournament Voucher

  6. $30 Cash $50 Tournament Voucher

You must provide a valid email and name in order to play in the freeroll tournament.  All prizes are subject to change at the hosting charities discretion or by the tournament director.  All TDA rules apply.  If you have any questions please feel free to go to the Contact US Page and reach us there.