TWO times a day the hosting charity will give away $100 for the HIGH HAND played at any cash game at 7pm and 11pm. 

$200 HIGH HAND PROMO for our cash game players. 

New High Hand Winner for each drawing. 
The highest hand resets at 7pm for the 11pm drawing.  Meaning a player wins the 7pm giveaway with quad Aces, that hand is not valid for the 11pm giveaway. The High Hand resets after each giveaway. Any full house to qualify! Must use both cards!

Rules and Regulations:
Players must use both cards to qualify. You cannot make QUADS without a pocket pair. The pot has to be a minimum of $20 to qualify.  NO FLAMINGO. The High Hand resets daily at 7pm.  You must have your high hand verified by the floor. In order for your hand to qualify for the drawing, it must finish prior to 7pm or 11pm to be valid for the giveaway. Cash Game must start by 3pm for the 7pm high hand to be valid. 
You must be present to collect your high-hand payout. 

$100 High Hand at every Central Illinois Charitable Games (CICG charity poker event at 7pm and 11pm. Cash games run from the start of the event until the event closes at Midnight. $1-2 NLH is the most popular game played with a minimum buy in of $50 and a maximum of $300.  $2-5 NLH is also offered at CICG poker events, but depends on number of players for a game to start.  Any questions please text 217-512-1214

? Text 217-512-1214 to reserve a seat in a CICG poker Cash Game