No Limit Holdem Illini Poker

$1-2 NLH Cash Game Promo: win $100 for any QUADS or STRAIGHT FLUSH ~ $200 for a Royal Flush!

Play in any $1-2 No Limit Hold’em cash game and make any quads in a hand or any straight flush (with one card or two)  you win $100 cash money just for playing.  You do not have to play the hand all the way to the river to qualify for the high hand promotion to pay out. However, the pot does have to be a minimum of $20 and you have to be the only winner of the hand.  For example, if two players are both playing quad 4’s on the board with an Ace, they would not split the high hand promotion.

1 in 649,740 = odds of a Royal Flush 

If you are lucky enough to make a Royal Flush, and you use both of your hole cards then you win double the money… $200 for any Royal Flush where you use both hole cards.

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