The Deepstack tournament now has more starting chips (up to 30K with the $10 add on), bigger prize pools ($100 buy-in with $85 into the prize pool), and a better tournament structure (more chips, more levels, better start time) is now one of the top charity poker tournaments in all of central Illinois.  The CICG Deepstack is the standard tournament offered at all Central Illinois Charity Poker events, and typically the biggest tournament at each CICG event.

DEEPSTACK Tournament Structure: 
$100buy-in ($85 to the prize pool + $15 to the hosting charity)
20,000 starting chips with 20 min levels
$10 add on for additional 10,000 chips

Late entry and Re-buys allowed for first 5 levels (roughly 8:00 pm)

modified to the small blind ante until state capacity restrictions are removed

Please visit for tournament structure sheets, rules, and more information on Central Illinois Charity Poker tournaments.