The Early Bird is the beginner’s poker player’s dream, the intermediate players feeding ground and where the pros come to improve their edge on the game.  $20 buy-in plus a $5 add on will get you 5K in starting chips and ten times that amount in poker experience.  One of the longest-running low stakes charity poker tournaments in the entire state of Illinois.  The $20 Early Bird is a staple for any and all poker players.  This tournament is a great way for you to improve as a player, and enjoy the great game of poker for a very low cost.  The Early Bird is offered at the start of 99% of every CICG charity poker event.

Early Bird Tournament Structure: 
$20 buy-in ($15 to the prize pool + $5 to the hosting charity)
3,000 starting chips with 15 min levels
$5 add on for additional 2,000 chips
$10 optional break add on for 5,000in chips

Register before 2pm and double your chip stack. You must register in person before 2pm, one seat per player, and you must purchase the $5 add on to qualify for the double stack bonus.

Late entry and Re-buys allowed for first 5 levels (3:10pm)


Please visit for tournament structure sheets, rules, and more information on Central Illinois Charity Poker tournaments.